Tomboy (The Hartigans #3) by Avery Flynn

Heat Rating: 🔥 Hot

Smart, Funny, Sexy Read.

Spoilers ahead

    Fallon Hartigan is a softie, deep deep down where she doesnt often let it show. Generally she is a sassy, quick with the comebacks, not-a-girlie-girl, no nonsense ER nurse. As a favor to one of her besties, Fallon finds herself nursing Mr. Chip-on-his-shoulder himself – Zach Blackburn – bad boy Ice Knights hockey star on a losing streak who could give Darcy and Elizabeth some tips. Zach has trust issues and pride issues, but in the end he lets “won’t-take-anyone’s-shit” Fallon into his life and then into his heart. At first it’s a matter of luck – because Fallon’s mere presence in Zach’s life on game days has finally got him back on a winning streak. But in the midst of winning games and charity agendas, a matter of luck becomes a matter of love. Queue the angst and drama as Zach’s past betrayers make a sudden reappearance in his life and Fallon slips up, causing all his trust issues to come roaring back with a vengeance. But never fear because the Hartigan family and friends circle are there for a rescue, along with the Ice Knights hockey team for an assist! And as totally expected we are treated to a win for HEA fans everywhere. #TeamZuck

Just a side note: if you fell as much  in love with the Hartigans as I did and want to read more, see the rest of the series Butterface (Ford Hartigan & Gina Luca) and Muffin Top (Frankie Hartigan & Lucy Kavanaugh) and The Charmer (Felicia Hartigan & Hudson Carlyle)
And if you came out of this one an Ice Knights fan then check out these titles:
Parental Guidance (Stuckey & Zara Ambrose)
Awk-Weird (Phillips & Tess Gardner {Yes!!! Gina, Lucy and Fallon’s other bestie!!!})
And coming out soon (May 2020?): Loud Mouth (Petrov & Shelby Blanton)


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