8 Reasons Why I Love Gini Koch’s ‘Katherine “Kitty” Katt’ / Alien Series (and have read them all 3x to date)

Heat Rating: 🔥 Hot

This first one’s a bonus!

I fell in insta-love with this riotous melding of scifi adventure and comedy – Hard! –

So hard that when I came up for air after 16 books – (I was searching for book 17) – only to realize that book 17 was delayed  – I desperately needed a fix for my now insatiable addiction –

So I read them all again…

After the third go, I finally found a way to open up my heart, mind and soul to a new book adventure…

But I won’t lie…Koch leaves a mark that can’t be matched. I’ve never found another author quite like her…

These zany zingers from across the entire series are a drop in the ocean of her amazing comic repartee but they are some of my favorites.


Kitty: “My superhero name should be Density Girl.”


Kitty: “My crazy’s working a lot better than your sanity.”


Kitty: “Do I really run like that?”

Martini: “Yup. Don’t worry, I think it’s sexy.”

Kitty: “Thank God. I think I look like a cheetah on drugs.”


Kitty: What song would lull a snake into submission? “John Mayer?”

Tim: “Over my dead body.”

Kitty: “Could be, Tim, could be.”


Kitty: “Welcome to My Super Secret Life, where people try to kill us on a regular basis, and we thwart bad-guy schemes for breakfast. We’re almost like a reality show, only without the alcohol and hot tubs.”


Christopher: “You ever flown something before?”

Kitty: “I hold the highest score at A.S.U. for Star Wars: Starfighter.”  

Christopher: “I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I’m going to regret this.”


Kitty: I examined the remote. There were a lot of buttons on it. None of them were marked. Naturally, I considered hitting some at random but decided I was thrilled to still be alive


Chuckie: “Okay, I’d like to get more sleep before I have to figure out how we find a Sith Lord in Washington.”


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