The Second We Met (Fulton U#2) by Maya Hughes

Heat Rating: 🔥🔥 Steamy

This was a book I was lucky enough to Read and Review thanks to the Author through my GoodReads New Adult Book Club. Hmmm… Now what can I say about ‘The Second We Met’ –  Well it definitely took me down a rabbit hole (but in a good Alice-in-Wonderland-discovering Mad-Hatter-tea-parties kind of way) in other words it was a crazy, fun, fantastic ride filled with delectably edible treats inside (of many – even some deliciously male – varieties)

Once I started this book (which was delayed due to all the Coronavirus madness worldwide) I honestly could not put it down – I knew it was going to be funny, I mean Accidental Naked Meet Cute?!! But it was that and so much more.
The characters were witty, well-developed and interesting and the story was a whole lot more involved than I expected for the genre.
So much happened in this book and it kept me going when I thought it was almost done. Kudos to Maya Hughes for being an awesome writer and catching me off-guard like that.

Spoilers ahead (click on >Details to reveal)

    So let’s talk about the book – 
    Elle is this headstrong, go-getter, no nonsense,  stickler for the rules, responsible kind of girl with just a little Jane-Austen-style prejudice thrown in and stand-up-and-take-notice Pink Hair?

    Nix: “No wonder they still had spots for this project—apparently you have to be the right kind of person to help others or they get nothing but shit on by you.”

    Nix starts out like the quintessential gorgeous playboy superstar jock but as the story moves along he is revealed as this good guy with a passion for cooking who is letting Dad run his life, because he is hunting for paternal acceptance.

    Nix was leaps and bounds different from how he was originally cast and just as it made Elle stop short and take a second look, it made you fall in love with this new inner Nix.
    Although you have to love outer Nix too –

    I didn’t know abs came in varieties above six-packs. He seemed to have them all, and that wasn’t all he was packing.

    Love finds its way with these two college students through a veritable menagerie of twists and turns and the ending although it was a HEA, was far and away different from what I was expecting of this love story at the start and yet – it was perfect.

    Also utterly perfect in the yummy addictive way were the cast of supporting characters that comprise Elle and Nix’s friend circle which leads me back to the rabbit hole, because after finishing this book I just wanted more so I went scouring for ‘The Perfect First’.

    Eventually I found the next book in the FU series: ‘The Third Best Thing’ which led me to the Kings of Rittenhouse series which hooked me just as well and now I find myself at the end of “Heartless King” with two questions: Where are Max’s and Bailey’s books? and When can I read them?

All I can say is Well done Ms. Hughes! ‘The Second We Met’ was my first Maya Hughes novel and by now I am sure you can tell – You have claimed another devoted fan!


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