The Name of Red (Red #1) by Beena Khan

Who are you Beena Khan?
Because I am truly caught by this intriguingly philosophical read with undertones of societal and religious commentary that doesn’t avoid the grittiness of reality.

Spoilers ahead (click on >Details to reveal)

    The Lady in Red and Book Exchange with Secret Notes hooked me with its cliche nostalgic sweetness and as I was cozily settling in for this penpal stage to go on for a while, I unexpectedly found myself amidst a face to face first meeting that ushered in a reversal of typical conversational gender dynamics between the two main characters – the shy boy meets the crazy girl.

    “Do you read E.L James?” (Red) asked Kabir one day.
    Kabir shook his head as he took a sip of his Red Bull. “I read her books before, but they’re not my type of romance novels.” 
    “Bondage isn’t your kink?” 
    He sputtered his drink”

    Inhibited, Wounded Kabir has a lot to say in his head that never makes it out loud and although Outspoken Red claims to be an honest speaker of her mind you get the impression that she leaves quite a bit unsaid – a damaged, hopeless second layer that sits right beyond her social shield
    As the book progresses their secrets are revealed to the reader and to each other, including the secrets of their own feelings and hearts.
    A story of two broken people finding their way – with each other, to each other, through each other. It was a story that breaks your heart and rebuilds – it shows you the depth of love and its many shadowed faces.

My heart is still gripped in it’s wake…
I did not completely love the prose at the start and I had some issues with the grammar but by the end I was just completely lost in the experience. 
An experience truly reminiscent of some of the better poignant anime movies…like “The Wind Rises”. An honest truth – I would love to see this book in that medium, after reading it, it feels as if it would be so perfectly suited.
So I ask again, Who are you, Beena Khan? Because I am hooked.

Check out this first book or grab your copy of The Entire Red Lounge Romance Collection!



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