My Latest Wattpad Titles

Fate takes a hand in the life of Dr. Katharine Thorne as it draws her into the mystery of the Axis Stone; a relic of unknown origins and untold power. The Hand of Fate also returns to her arms – long-lost friend and love, Hale Michaels. But Hale has secrets of his own… secrets entrenched in the darkly shrouded destiny of an ancient sword … a destiny entwined with the Axis Stone. Ill-fatedly, the mystery of the Stone has captured the attention of others as well, others with much darker intentions. As the struggle for possession of the Stone ensues, its’ secrets are revealed, thrusting Kat on a journey to meet or change her destiny…
Can finding the love of your life, help you face the truth about yourself?
This is isn’t a love story, it’s a life story – my life story – Raven’s story –
Raven’s Story after Grayson Entered It.
“You probably think I had a pretty normal and for the most part okay childhood. I guess that is certainly the perception the world, my family and even (my best friend) had of it all, but I suppose because I never really talked about it, never talked much at all really, it’s hard to see it any other way.
Underneath this veneer, inside of me lurked a lot of darkness for a great many years, stretching from childhood into High School, it is probably why things happened the way they did…”
A JQ:TRA/Shadow Raiders:War Planets X-Over Fanfiction Novel.

Two Very Different Realities are about to Collide and Neither One will be Left Unchanged.
Welcome to the Shadow Quest.

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