Parrish Chronicles by Shannen Crane Camp

This is not your average ghost story – it’s so much better!

Scooby Doo Style meets Ghost hunters Flair with a touch of Addams Family Crazy in this unexpected and delightful duet that’s perfect for a light-scare midnight read.

And as it’s “Always Worlds Within Worlds…” – Barker – that draws us in ever deeper –

If you fall in love with the characters and world of Parrish as I have, then check out the companion duet –

“For in dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own” – Rowling –

“The Zenith Cycles” is this philosophy cleverly given life in a world of words all it’s own…

There is also a related new “Gifted” companion series where Dahlia – the namesake of the first title – and a cousin of the Parishes – takes up the mission to search out the gifted and finds the truth of herself, her power and friendship along the way…

And soon even more “Parrish Chronicles” in it’s next instalment currently titled “Tarnish”


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