A Matter of Magic by Patricia C. Wrede

Or perhaps a matter of ‘frog-makers’?

This quick-witted rollicking good-fun regency era duet is a wild ride of adle-pated, persnickety and cleverly unfortunate events that embroil the life of our main character Kim.

Kim enters our world as a street boy – who is actually a girl dressed as a boy – setting out to engage in a bit of breaking and entering into the wagon of one street illusionist – ‘Mairelon The Magician’ – who as it turns out is an actual sorcerer in truth and a Gentleman to boot.

As a result Kim finds herself ensorcelled now and then, trained in untying knots, learning to read (several languages – some quite dead – oh bother!), spy craft, further breaking and entering, walking (a lot!), dressing like a girl! (oh the tiresome shopping!) and generally managing one genius though not always sensical magician and encountering a great many ‘toff’ situations – and learning how to speak ‘proper’ while delivering her accounts in her comically absurd common ‘cant’.

Suffice to say I loved it! And would recommend it to Everyone and their kids too. It is my favorite sort of YA Fantasy – hilarious, intriguing and unexpected with a dash of romance along the way!


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