Just because… a song sparked a world to life

As a writer, there are things that fuel and inspire and speak to me – music chief among them, although there are places, people, interactions, vistas, poems, art, memories that also do…

But music has always been able to help me find and hook into a scene or chapter or character or emotional tone or even the over-arching fullness of a complete story. It helps to let fly my dreams and then also helps to anchor them. It can be the air I need to breathe or the ground I need to stand on or the wind beneath the wings I need to fly.

This verse of this song truly speaks to me:

“Every night I lie in bed, the brightest colors fill my head, a million dreams are keeping me awake…” (From the Greatest Showman)

There are so many stories, so many ideas, so much that comes when I am with myself and the world is quiet – So much fantastical and amazing magic that lives within my dreams – both waking and not – Dreams that I only wish I could share with a world that could and would appreciate the beauty of the adventure of imagination.

What song speaks to you?


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