Bad Boys & Wallflowers by Maya Rodale

Heat Rating: 🔥🔥 Steamy

Sweet, Witty and Sexy…

Regency Era and Modern Day meet in a romance series featuring dashing rogues and the wallflowers who love them.

Librarian Jane finds herself engaged via Facebook Status Update to a man to whom she has yet to be properly introduced – the wickedly arrogant and devastatingly sexy tech bad-boy billionaire Duke Austen.

What starts out as pretend soon becomes more unaccountably real than anything that either of them have known before.

As Duke and Jane’s story plays out over the course of the Bad Boy Billionaire trilogy set in the the present day (Wicked Arrangement, Girl Gone Wild, What a Girl Wants) –
It also sparks the somewhat parallel love stories of three regency era ladies and their counterparts (The Wicked Wallflower, Wallflower Gone Wild, What a Wallflower Wants).

How is that possible without Time Travel?
– A delightfully quixotic yet perfect method called a Maya Rodale work of fiction.

Other characters from Duke and Jane’s universe also tell their own stories in the companion short story collection finale to the Bad Boy Billionaire (At the Billionaire’s Wedding) – one of which has  a historical romance precursor of its own (Seducing Mr. Knightly) and is related to another of the author’s notable historical romance series (The Writing Girls).


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