Storm and Silence by Robert Thier

Can you imagine the epic saga that would unfold if a young and dashing Scrooge emulator instead of hiring Bob Cratchit finds himself coerced into employing a witty and street-wise young clerk who happens to be a woman pretending to be a man?
Globe-trotting shenanigans abound and many a laugh is to be had as we follow the adventures of Mr. Rikkard Ambrose our tight-fisted and exceedingly wealthy captain of industry and his clever personal secretary Mr. Victor Linton –  really Ms. Lillian Linton in disguise.
Storm and Silence launched a wonderfully captivating and Storm-titled historical fiction series filled with tales of Hijinks, Adventure and Romantic intrigue spun by newly published Wattpad sensation Robert Thier.

You can also follow Rob on Wattpad and check out the extended Storm universe in a related book – Lord Day and Lady Night as well as his other unrelated works.


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