A Brit in the FBI by Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison

Scotland Yard, Interpol, the FBI, the CIA and Other Agencies find themselves sharing common ground when Nicholas Drummond (former British Foreign Office and Hacker Extraordinaire) and Michaela ‘Mike’ Caine (Career FBI Field Agent) are introduced to Catherine Coulter’s Sherlock and Savich FBI Universe.

Be prepared for High-Stakes Heists, International Assassins, Mysterious Artifacts, Mad Scientists, Alien Conspiracies, Global Terror-Plots, Explosions, Shoot-outs, High-Seas Action and Mad Computer Skills.

When One Sassy Biker Chic Casual Cop’s Daughter who bleeds Blue clashes with One Sexy James Bond Glamourous British Blue-Blood.

Sparks fly when Her By the Book philosophy meets His No Holds Barred flair but to save the day and avert dire consequences it will take two – these two.

Together they will achieve impossible things perfectly suited to their shared adrenaline junkie tendencies and find that they may share more than that in the end.


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