Most of All You by Mia Sheridan

Gabe & Ellie’s story is not your typical love story but rather a tale of the triumph of the human spirit –

Both our main characters have truly traumatic pasts that make connections almost impossible for them.

Thanks to the vagaries of fate (and our author) they cross paths with each other and so begins an awkward – yet poignant – emotional journey for them both where – trust, confidence and hope will be the glue they need to bind them together.

Eloise and her angel Gabriel – two damaged souls who discover an intensity between them from the start.

An intensity foreign to Gabriel, who was taken as a child and exposed to terrible traumas that has stunted his ability to connect with human touch.

He seeks Eloise’s help with his inability to connect although she herself challenges and hurts him due to her own fears of their intense connection.

Eloise has kept herself apart from her world to protect herself and Gabriel’s attempts render her vulnerable in a way she won’t allow and indeed rejects

But they are brought together by violent circumstances and their arrangement allows them to face the harsh realities of their pasts while supporting each other.

Eloise fears the deep connection and still doubts Gabriel’s love so steps away to prove herself worthy and whole.

Gabriel also faces his worst nightmare and emerges whole as well.

But these two damaged souls with their imperfections struggle against dire odds to make a way for themselves – to save themselves – long before we meet them as the people they have become.

Their inevitable reunion finds them having grown quietly stronger and more beautiful because of their flaws.

It just goes to show that damaged doesn’t at all mean weak – certainly not when it relates to Gabriel and Eloise. Nor does making yourself vulnerable diminish your strength – in fact it takes true strength of character to open up to hurt again and again – the power to weather each storm and get back up again.


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