Writing in another Life

I know I haven’t been updating you all about my writing and reading adventures for the last couple days and that’s because I’ve been writing for my other life – but most definitely still writing!

I’ve been working on a digital marketing campaign – writing web page content, crafting a cohesive company image, redesigning graphics and logos with the end goal of a website launch as of yesterday.

It’s a very different sort of writing although it’s still about telling a story to help introduce your characters and world a.k.a. the company’s offerings and its staff to the world in line with the culture of the propsective market a.k.a. the readers of the company’s product genre!

It can be both fun and time consuming and unlike a book it is an unending tale because businesses need to keep touch with their audience consistently to be relevant and they need to review and revise their content every so often to remain relevant.

If you’re interested in my writing projects endeavours check out the just launched site below and its interconnected web on social media:


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