The Twelve Tales of Sheridan

A while aback I picked up a collection of Mia Sheridan’s novels.

I’d never read any of her work at the time but the blurbs sounded interesting –

So of course I said the more the merrier and added them to my TBR pile… and that brings is to Now –

I can honestly say – though it took me over a year to get through it all (only because I did it in batches) – these books are serious emotional rollercoasters! But I am really glad I read them.

After a veritable zodiac of contemporary romance (because most are tied to their own sign), you would think the stories would begin to run together –

But each one of them offered something so very distinct that they are engaging and unique in their own way.

So without further ado –  let’s delve into the Twelve Tales of Sheridan

In the first tale of Sheridan, true love heals for the hero of Archer’s Voice who is living a life apart in silence until another tortured soul seeking a new start veers herself into his path. This poignant powerful love story between two broken souls follows their tentative forays into vulnerability, the backlash of secret fears and the beauty of love to make us whole

The second tale of Sheridan becomes the third one too as Leo‘s love story interrupted becomes Leo’s Chance at love once again with a tale of childhood love gone awry told first from Evie’s point of view until Leo gets his Chance. Amidst truly diverging pasts, devastating secrets, fear-borne lies and second chances, love can be made anew.

The fourth tale of Sheridan is the one of Grayson’s Vow which leads him to make a reckless choice to save his family vineyard against impossible odds when presented with a crazy opportunity by the reckless not-quite-heiress Kira Dallaire. But their arrangement of convenience inconveniently brings to light closely held secrets and the blooms of a love both are afraid to claim.

This fifth tale of Sheridan begins with the tale of Becoming Calder but concludes in the sixth tale of Finding Eden and spans a love story that begins in the confines of a modern day cult, a daring escape that leaves young lovers stranded apart and their individual journeys to finding a better life and each other.

The seventh tale of Sheridan has many turns and twists to discover the truth of the Midnight Lily and her soul’s mate. This book was the most confusing and yet the the sweetest of love stories for the depth of what is possible with love and understanding even against the harshest of realities.

The eighth tale of Sheridan, is one of family, friends and the power of Preston’s Honor. Our hero and his Annalia discovered love as little more than children but the vagaries of life and a lack of communication set them on paths in different directions. Their love’s course to happily ever after is charted to be far from straight.

The ninth tale of Sheridan is that of Kyland and Tenleigh and a story of sacrifice and a love of legends. As teenagers, both know hunger and neither is seeking love as they must compete for a single scholarship, but love blooms where it will. In love and faced with desperate choices they part ways but fate puts them together again with all truths revealed.

The tenth tale of Sheridan shows us how love changes the course of the life of one Carson Stinger and his Grace. These two find a love so intense that though it begins quickly over a matter of days, it endures through vast years and distance and rekindles to its fullness just as quickly as it started. Theirs is a story of how enduring love can be found through enduring hope.

In the eleventh tale of Sheridan, prepare to fall in love with an irishman called Brogan Ramsay – his passion, personality, his countrymen, especially Fionn and their fanciful Irish ways. When a heated teenage encounter puts Brogan’s family into a harsh life, he finds a way to overcome and then returns for his piece of flesh from the woman he can’t forgive and can’t forget – Lydia.
But the Lydia of today has faced many harsh realities of her own and her truths and her love as the mate of his soul will change everything.

The twelfth tale of Sheridan, that brings us to the close is that of love battered and bruised in Dane’s Storm. Audra and Dane’s marriage ended in failure once upon a time – but she had picked up the pieces and moved on when fate intervened placing her in Dane’s way and tossing them into another storm both literally and figuratively. Crashed and stranded, fate is leading them towards a love built on second chances to weather life’s great many storms.


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