The Dawson Family series by Emily Goodwin

Heat Rating: 🔥 Hot

I loved the construct of the Dawson Family:

Wes the Cop, Dean the Builder, Owen and Logan, the Identical Twin co-owners of the neighborhood Bar and Quinn, the Tech Mogul Geek Girl.

This was a really sweet contemporary romance series.

It started off with the Cheat Codes and End Game Duet which was a Brother’s Best Friend Romance with an Unexpected Baby and an introduction to the Family.

I loved Quinn and Archer (Dean’s Bestie) together although Archer’s fears got in their way a lot but they got me hooked on them and the family especially the young next gen Dawson – Jackson.

So of course I had to know what happened in Jackson’s Daddy Wes’ story – Side Hustle which turned out to be a Nanny/Single Dad Romance with an Unexpected Con. Scarlet (the nanny and a con artist) was a great character and she and Wes were the perfect foils for each other. I loved the relationship with Jackson and the unexpected shenanigans with Wes’ ex which gave the story a great extra punch.

I plan to catch up on  Logan and Owen’s books at some point but I had a few reviews pending so I skipped ahead to Rock Bottom – Dean’s story because –

Firstly after all the Dean and Kara (his wife) tidbits in the earlier books I really couldn’t suppress the curiosity in me and secondly I had to know how it all turned out for the Dawsons.

Dean’s story actually began with the ending of the era of Dean and Kara (she cheated! such a b*tch!) that brought new dimensionality to Dean’s character as we see him take up where his younger brother Owen left off.

But thanks to Archer and his friend Sam (who we met in Cheat Codes) Nurse Rory (Sam’s sister) enters his world (a small little world it is indeed) and sets into motion their Second Chance at Love Romance with a side of Unexpected small town Geek Girl awesomeness after my own heart. She, Quinn and Scarlet become fast friends and she gives us a glimpse at another almost Dawson-like family all her own.

I am definitely going looking for Rory’s brothers books and if they don’t have one yet, well we need a petition!

It was altogether one of the sweetest series I’ve read in a while with a great little family and some unexpected twists that kept you going.

The characters were my favored masterpiece of the whole series though, more so than any of the plots.

Hope you fall in love with the Dawsons too! Enjoy!


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