The Loom Saga by Elise Kova

This was such a great series! Different, unexpected, intriguing –
Get your copies before it goes away!

The White Wraith is Loom’s most notorious thief.

A ruthless rebel, steeped in secrets – no job is beyond Ari’s magical abilities especially if it marks a loss to the Dragons of Nova – Loom’s skybound Oppressors.

On Ari’s latest heist, an opportunity emerges in the form of a wounded Dragon and taking his heart could rake in some serious cash.

Before his heart can be stolen, the Dragon, Cvareh, offers to grant the rebel thief a boon – Ari’s greatest desire –

But only in exchange for bringing him to the Alchemists Guild.

Together with Ari’s ward – a trigger-ready gunmage, they embark on a perilous journey that has more than a few surprises in store as they try to stay a step ahead of their enemies.

Along the way secrets are revealed, hearts are lost and friendships are forged among unlikely partners.


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