Moon Crossed by McKenzie Hunter and Emerson Knight (Sky Brooks World -Ethan #1)

I’m listening to “Moon Crossed” (part of the Sky Brooks World series) on Scribd and thought you might like it. Check it out:

I am not an audiobook person at all but – after finishing the Sky Brooks series by McKenzie Hunter – a great little urban paranormal fantasy series revolving around shifters, vampires, witches, elves, fae and more, I was curious about the Sky Brooks World companion series that was written by the duo of McKenzie Hunter and Emerson Knight that told the story from our enigmatic Ethan’s P.O.V. because the guy just had soo many secrets.

And the books did not disappoint. I was a little awed by how much was going on in the world of Skylar Brooks right around her at times that she was unaware of and I was really glad to get to see into the mind of a character like Midwest Beta Werewolf Ethan Charleston and the pack’s dynamics.

It was quite the revelation to see just how much two perspectives can be crafted into wholly different experiences and stories while keeping parallel along the same path.

Also audiobooks have always been a hate relationship for me but how this series was narrated by James Patrick Cronin struck a chord that hooked me before I even realised it. He was exceptionally good at the narration and the character dialogue shifts so it was enthralling and believable

If you’re into werewolves, vampires, witches and Urban Fantasy you should definitely check this series out.


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