Clean Break by Abby Vegas

Heat Rating: Mild I loved the cover on this and after reading the blurb I thought mafia romance and a modern Beauty and the Beast retelling! Yay! You'll never catch me watching 'The Godfather' or 'The Sopranos' but for some reason I do love my Mafia romance series - I know I'm quirky like that. … Continue reading Clean Break by Abby Vegas

Holding (Moving the Chains #5) by Kata Čuić

Heat Rating: 🔥 Hot I gotta admit I kinda loved this book - It was a witty slow burn contemporary sports romance that hit all the right notes along the way. It started out with an air of a mystery - seemingly disjointed story developments with as yet-to-be revealed contextual cues - but when you're … Continue reading Holding (Moving the Chains #5) by Kata Čuić

Just because… It’s Mother’s Day

What are you reading this Mother's day? Undecided? Check out what's on:  Our Kindle Mother's Day Reading List. All titles are ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐ Up! Shattered Diamonds by Ann Omasta A Small-town Contemporary Single Dad/Nanny Suspense Romance. His wife has been missing for nearly a year... and the accusing looks tear him apart. Can Alex … Continue reading Just because… It’s Mother’s Day

The Dawson Family series by Emily Goodwin

Heat Rating: 🔥 Hot I loved the construct of the Dawson Family: Wes the Cop, Dean the Builder, Owen and Logan, the Identical Twin co-owners of the neighborhood Bar and Quinn, the Tech Mogul Geek Girl. This was a really sweet contemporary romance series. It started off with the Cheat Codes and End Game Duet … Continue reading The Dawson Family series by Emily Goodwin

Late Love (Saint Street #3) by Scarlett Hopper

Heat Rating: Extremely Mild Unconventional and Romantic - this London centred contemporary romance series delivers you a dose of British stiff upper lip but not at all in a stodgy fashion. In the course of the series, Lottie and her friends Stana and Em find themselves attracted to not just the music but the men … Continue reading Late Love (Saint Street #3) by Scarlett Hopper

The WordWinds – Pitch, Camber & Flow…

How do You Write? I with my WordBlade and you with your Soul Voice... Does anyone else feel like writing is their true calling rather than a career choice? My husband and I were having a writing philosophy discussion earlier - he writes as well but in a very different process, so that he tells … Continue reading The WordWinds – Pitch, Camber & Flow…

Writing in another Life

I know I haven't been updating you all about my writing and reading adventures for the last couple days and that's because I've been writing for my other life - but most definitely still writing! I've been working on a digital marketing campaign - writing web page content, crafting a cohesive company image, redesigning graphics … Continue reading Writing in another Life