New Feature: Author Help-Desk

I've added an exciting new feature to the blog, the: Authors 🆘 Desk Check it out and let me know if you find it helpful or if you'd like to see more. It's full of resources I've come upon in my writing path that I thought might be useful to others as well and I … Continue reading New Feature: Author Help-Desk


Clean Break by Abby Vegas

Heat Rating: Mild I loved the cover on this and after reading the blurb I thought mafia romance and a modern Beauty and the Beast retelling! Yay! You'll never catch me watching 'The Godfather' or 'The Sopranos' but for some reason I do love my Mafia romance series - I know I'm quirky like that. … Continue reading Clean Break by Abby Vegas

Holding (Moving the Chains #5) by Kata Čuić

Heat Rating: 🔥 Hot I gotta admit I kinda loved this book - It was a witty slow burn contemporary sports romance that hit all the right notes along the way. It started out with an air of a mystery - seemingly disjointed story developments with as yet-to-be revealed contextual cues - but when you're … Continue reading Holding (Moving the Chains #5) by Kata Čuić

Just because… It’s Mother’s Day

What are you reading this Mother's day? Undecided? Check out what's on:  Our Kindle Mother's Day Reading List. All titles are ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐ Up! Shattered Diamonds by Ann Omasta A Small-town Contemporary Single Dad/Nanny Suspense Romance. His wife has been missing for nearly a year... and the accusing looks tear him apart. Can Alex … Continue reading Just because… It’s Mother’s Day

The Dawson Family series by Emily Goodwin

Heat Rating: 🔥 Hot I loved the construct of the Dawson Family: Wes the Cop, Dean the Builder, Owen and Logan, the Identical Twin co-owners of the neighborhood Bar and Quinn, the Tech Mogul Geek Girl. This was a really sweet contemporary romance series. It started off with the Cheat Codes and End Game Duet … Continue reading The Dawson Family series by Emily Goodwin

Late Love (Saint Street #3) by Scarlett Hopper

Heat Rating: Extremely Mild Unconventional and Romantic - this London centred contemporary romance series delivers you a dose of British stiff upper lip but not at all in a stodgy fashion. In the course of the series, Lottie and her friends Stana and Em find themselves attracted to not just the music but the men … Continue reading Late Love (Saint Street #3) by Scarlett Hopper

The WordWinds – Pitch, Camber & Flow…

How do You Write? I with my WordBlade and you with your Soul Voice... Does anyone else feel like writing is their true calling rather than a career choice? My husband and I were having a writing philosophy discussion earlier - he writes as well but in a very different process, so that he tells … Continue reading The WordWinds – Pitch, Camber & Flow…