Reign and Loveless Brothers #2 by Roxie Noir

Heat Rating: 🔥🔥 Steamy Roxie was a new author for me and I was happily surprised to find her books witty and engaging, her characters well-developed and unique and her worlds rich and interesting. I found both Reign and Best fake Fiancé  (Loveless Brothers #2) to be Smart Fun Reads. I was somewhat disappointed with … Continue reading Reign and Loveless Brothers #2 by Roxie Noir


The Dark in You Series by Suzanne Wright

Heat Rating: 🔥🔥🔥 Flaming Dark, Steamy & Delicious Pen & Ink Dessert! Kick-Ass Strong-Willed Female Characters who are not your average damsels in distress just waiting around to be saved and their Alpha Hot Bad-Ass Male Counterparts - cunning, loyal, and fierce heroes who protect what's theirs and will definitely be getting their hands bloody … Continue reading The Dark in You Series by Suzanne Wright

Enemies by Tijan

Heat Rating: 🔥🔥🔥 Flaming I think I just fell in love with Stone Reeves. Spoilers ahead Stone is a driven, dedicated alpha athlete. In that way he reminded me a lot of Mason Kade from Tijan's Fallen Crest Series. Dusty is an equally driven (but by very different motives), hardworking college student who finds herself … Continue reading Enemies by Tijan

Infidelity Series by Aleatha Romig

Heat Rating: 🔥🔥🔥 Flaming So this is my latest conquest and might I say though I went into this one with some trepidation I was swept away with a great plot, well fleshed-out characters and engaging world building. From McSteamy alphas to high Drama and Suspense, this one kept me on my toes and delivered until … Continue reading Infidelity Series by Aleatha Romig