Sneak Peeks… My World of Words

I thought I would start a new 'Sneak Peeks' feature to the Write Bites section of my blog - a way to keep in touch - Letting me check in with my followers more often and give you all a glimpse into the "World of Words" that's going on at a pace inside my head … Continue reading Sneak Peeks… My World of Words


Just because… a song sparked a world to life

As a writer, there are things that fuel and inspire and speak to me - music chief among them, although there are places, people, interactions, vistas, poems, art, memories that also do... But music has always been able to help me find and hook into a scene or chapter or character or emotional tone or … Continue reading Just because… a song sparked a world to life

Just Because… I smiled

You know people talk about their happy place? My happy places are all inside my head, when worlds are being created and funny, crazy and amazing things start to happen - it's my lightning breaking through the overcast skies of the real.It's what puts a smile on my face with surety every time - a … Continue reading Just Because… I smiled

My New Watty – The Butterfly 🦋 Girl Effect

In honor of my baby niece and her last teen birthday, I was inspired to start a new story - a teen sci-fi fantasy romance: When Carter Casteel first sees his Butterfly Girl, he becomes enthralled... When he meets her he becomes awed... His Butterfly Girl... His obsession... will lead him into a web of … Continue reading My New Watty – The Butterfly 🦋 Girl Effect

I’m Now Writing on Wattpad!

I've always wanted to be a writer, to share the worlds that live in my head with the world that I live within but I've been afraid to truly put myself out there for a long time - but I've decided that life is too short a d I've chosen Wattpad to be my sharing … Continue reading I’m Now Writing on Wattpad!