The Last Bite

Of Blogs and Books and Bites…

A good Book is like a great fine dining experience –

The Amuse-Bouche: the Cover; that thing that draws you in to begin with and grabs your attention, is the written equivalent of opening up the palate of the mind and warming it up for –

The Appetizer: the Prologue; the small succulent tidbit that offers glimpses and flashes into the consciousness of the author and the characters that they have crafted, just opens up your appetite for your ultimate consumption of –

The Main Course: the Body of work that is the Story. Sometimes it is served as a whole, sometimes it is served in multiple parts, but it is the true Meal, one of words, designed to fill your heart and inspire your imagination. And…

For those of us who just need just a little more, the veritable cherry on top? Voila!:

The Dessert: taking form as The Epilogue; that sweet ending to bring the literary dining experience to its close and perfectly complete the Meal.

Sometimes the reader is so decadently enamored of each written morsel that they are just not quite fully satisfied with symphony of story and characters that have become this sumptuous feast for the mind. So they demand an encore – which if the reader is lucky, the author indulgently provides as:

Second Desserts: a simply grossly gratuitous offering to over-indulge and luxuriate in the fantastic cerebral Dining Experience that has been crafted by a singular literary world, otherwise known as the 2nd Epilogue.

Enjoy as you Bite into your next Book!

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