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D. F. Khan

I don’t know when I fell in love with the written word but it was sometime in the midst of my erstwhile and misguided youth that the quiet verses of so many books, too many to name, stamped themselves upon my soul.

As one would expect with such a philosophical catalyst I started writing as a teen and have been crafting worlds within the pages of my secret journals ever since.

In the last few years, my reading addiction exploded and I began reviewing books on GoodReads.

One thing led to another and several other things happened as things are wont to do and my Blog was born, under the pseudonym of Deanaera – my inner child’s literary companion; one of my earliest and most beloved literary creations who took on a life all her own and belatedly has metamorphosed into my quasi alter ego!

ln the course of my previous not-so-misspent 20s and early 30s I also amassed over a couple decades of experience as an accounting and management professional.

So with a heaping helping of pixie dust it is my hope that my business acumen and my bookish pursuits can create some synergies for my literary passions to manifest into my writing dreams.

It’s been difficult as a writer to put myself out there (rejection hurts) but I’ve realized that life is just too short for those fears. So I’ve started writing on Wattpad as I keep working on my writing projects and open my inner world up hoping to garner feedback and support along the journey.

I don’t know if you’ll like any of it

– I hope you do –

But in the end this is me trying to have courage and fully embrace myself.

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Feedback is the elixir of life to a writer.