My life… with TN and more

October is dedicated as Facial Pain Awareness Month - Oct. 7. as Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day and Oct. 25. as Occipital Neuralgia Awareness Day. Jun. 29. is Chronic Migraine Awareness Day and November will be TMJ (temporomandibular joint) Dysfunction Awareness Month. What does any of this have to do with you - Or rather with … Continue reading My life… with TN and more


Writing in another Life

I know I haven't been updating you all about my writing and reading adventures for the last couple days and that's because I've been writing for my other life - but most definitely still writing! I've been working on a digital marketing campaign - writing web page content, crafting a cohesive company image, redesigning graphics … Continue reading Writing in another Life

Just because… Remembered pain

Have you ever wondered if the pain you feel for someone else is really your own remembered pain? Is it sympathy or empathy? Once you've experienced the pain of loss will it only ever be your own pain that will revisit itself on you thereafter? Is there even some way to tell the feel of … Continue reading Just because… Remembered pain

Just because… a song sparked a world to life

As a writer, there are things that fuel and inspire and speak to me - music chief among them, although there are places, people, interactions, vistas, poems, art, memories that also do... But music has always been able to help me find and hook into a scene or chapter or character or emotional tone or … Continue reading Just because… a song sparked a world to life

Just because… a New Chapter Unfolds –

We're at the beginning of a new chapter of our stories - the previous 365 pages were filled with twists and turns - a powerful enemy lurking unseen, a desperate battle to overcome, great tragedies, great triumphs, heroes, villains, lies and truths - Only the author of our pages knows how the new story unfolds … Continue reading Just because… a New Chapter Unfolds –

Just Because… I smiled

You know people talk about their happy place? My happy places are all inside my head, when worlds are being created and funny, crazy and amazing things start to happen - it's my lightning breaking through the overcast skies of the real.It's what puts a smile on my face with surety every time - a … Continue reading Just Because… I smiled