Authors πŸ†˜ Desk

Welcome to my all-new help desk where I try (hopefully) to connect aspiring authors with the resources they need to get their work published and noticed.

If you have queries not addressed here then you can always reach out to me:

Check out these resources and see if any of them help with your dilemma:

Need Ratings and Reviews?

Published and Looking to improve your Ratings and Reviews on GoodReads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc.?

I recommend reaching out to these services:

Need Cover Art?

Finished with your manuscript and Looking for sleek covers? These are some of the best affordable options I’ve come across in the reading process:

Need Beta/Proof Readers?

Finished with your manuscript and Looking for critiques and grammar reviews? These are some of the better options I’ve come across:

Need Writing Software Advice?

Not sure what writing software works for publishing books into accepted formats like mobi and epub?

Need Funding Ideas?

Want to Self-Publish?

Need some assistance with the self-publishing process? Check out these resources to guide you:

Want to Traditional Publish?

Very few traditional publishers accept unsolicited manuscripts, so we recommend sourcing a literary agent to go through this process but there are a few options if you choose to venture into this world agent-free.

Please have your lawyer review any contracts before signing for your legal protection as there are unscrupulous elements in the publishing world.

Need to List your Book on GoodReads?

This may seem to be barely an issue but given that I read extensively especially titles in a series, I find a lot of authors both traditional and self-published don’t accurately use this feature and it detracts from the representation of their work and the Readers ability to find all their linked titles easily.

Need Encouragement?