Storytime Episode 1 – Chala Centauri

New original space fantasy adventure set against the backdrop of a dystopian alien world. Chapter One The Numbered Days of Chala Chala has been lost to the Berg since they invaded our world 200 years ago.My people have never known peace but for generations we have simply become a society built on the machinery … Continue reading Storytime Episode 1 – Chala Centauri


New Feature: Author Help-Desk

I've added an exciting new feature to the blog, the: Authors 🆘 Desk Check it out and let me know if you find it helpful or if you'd like to see more. It's full of resources I've come upon in my writing path that I thought might be useful to others as well and I … Continue reading New Feature: Author Help-Desk

The WordWinds – Pitch, Camber & Flow…

How do You Write? I with my WordBlade and you with your Soul Voice... Does anyone else feel like writing is their true calling rather than a career choice? My husband and I were having a writing philosophy discussion earlier - he writes as well but in a very different process, so that he tells … Continue reading The WordWinds – Pitch, Camber & Flow…

Writing in another Life

I know I haven't been updating you all about my writing and reading adventures for the last couple days and that's because I've been writing for my other life - but most definitely still writing! I've been working on a digital marketing campaign - writing web page content, crafting a cohesive company image, redesigning graphics … Continue reading Writing in another Life

Sneak Peeks… My World of Words

Today's all new ‘Sneak Peeks’ feature. Hint: This is not a fully formed project - yet. It started out as a prompt then began expanding and shaping itself in new parameters and taking on bones. It is still becoming but is likely to be a jumping off point for a regency period adventure. Hope you … Continue reading Sneak Peeks… My World of Words

Of Inspirations & Secret Sauces…

Someone posted this question on one of my forums recently and by the time I finished my response I realized I'd written a short essay and what's more - that these books and authors matter to me on a deeply personal level, so I thought I'd share.These aren't my list of the best books I've … Continue reading Of Inspirations & Secret Sauces…

Sneak Peeks… My World of Words

Today's all new ‘Sneak Peeks’ feature. Hint: This project is actually brand spanking new! I've been at it fleshing out the character, world, and plot stuff for a while today and This is my first scene meant to become the prologue to the story. Hope you like this glimpse into my “World of Words”! It's … Continue reading Sneak Peeks… My World of Words