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Let’s Talk About Books, Baby!

In the Wonderful World of Deanaera’s B.B.B. you will find me sharing my thoughts on all things literary captured within three distinct sections: Book Bites, Write Bites and Life Bites.

The Book Bites are where I share my thoughts on the latest and greatest additions to my reading list and give you a heads up on upcoming book related movie adaptations or online book deals.

The Write Bites are where I share some of my personal writing updates from Sneak Peeks into my Worlds of Words or Wattpad story updates and poetry.

The Life Bites area covers personal opinion commentary and perspectives on society issues as well as words of wisdom and life lessons that I thought I’d share from my life experiences.

Coming Soon… I’m also working on a new Sound Bites section which will feature a podcast for those book lovers who may not be able to read along but can grab an opportunity to listen in!

And in the works is a Live Bites feature where I will be live streaming Book Reviews and Sneak Peeks directly to your screens via YouTube and Facebook Live!

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