Something Wicked by Melanie Gilbert

Hellhounds and Grim Reapers - a Fated Mate pairing that came together in a truly unusual clash without that cliche Insta-love. Being along for the ride as Haven and Keiran and their clans join forces to battle Wraiths, Changelings and more was exciting and enthralling. All due to one lone Death dealer's calling to save … Continue reading Something Wicked by Melanie Gilbert


The Feminist Influence in Fantasy Fiction

Have you noticed that many bestselling Fantasy authors have added a feminist edge to the fantasy universe?In the past the biggest names and titles in fantasy generally wrote strong male protagonists but today we see the feminist influence has started giving the fantasy universe a much-needed feminine touch. It is like the world has finally … Continue reading The Feminist Influence in Fantasy Fiction

Moon Crossed by McKenzie Hunter and Emerson Knight (Sky Brooks World -Ethan #1)

I'm listening to "Moon Crossed" (part of the Sky Brooks World series) on Scribd and thought you might like it. Check it out: I am not an audiobook person at all but - after finishing the Sky Brooks series by McKenzie Hunter - a great little urban paranormal fantasy series revolving around shifters, vampires, … Continue reading Moon Crossed by McKenzie Hunter and Emerson Knight (Sky Brooks World -Ethan #1)

The Loom Saga by Elise Kova

This was such a great series! Different, unexpected, intriguing -Get your copies before it goes away! The White Wraith is Loom's most notorious thief. A ruthless rebel, steeped in secrets - no job is beyond Ari's magical abilities especially if it marks a loss to the Dragons of Nova - Loom's skybound Oppressors. On Ari's … Continue reading The Loom Saga by Elise Kova

New Feature: FB Book Group

Join my new Facebook Group: Reading Therapy Do you need a place to seek solace and comfort in the difficult days of life?A place to spend time and escape to when the real world is overwhelming?Books offer doors to places like that - whole worlds that once you turn the page, have the power to … Continue reading New Feature: FB Book Group

A Sword of Greed and Envy (Nokturn Rising #1) by M.C. Clay

Exciting new fantasy series from a debut author set against a backdrop of medieval magic and competing races: vampires, lycans, reapers and humans. In the lands of Maldara, being human means being prey to the three races of Nokturn: the Vampires of Arcanum, the Reapers of Mortem and the Werewolves of Fortis. Larkin Kravinoff has … Continue reading A Sword of Greed and Envy (Nokturn Rising #1) by M.C. Clay

New Feature: Book Recommendations

I've added two exciting new features to the blog: The Must-Reads Trove Holiday Reads 🎁 Ideas Check it out and let me know if you find it helpful or if you'd like to see more. The Must-Reads Trove will feature our official Seasonal Reading Lists for the upcoming season while the Holiday Reads Ideas will … Continue reading New Feature: Book Recommendations

Clean Break by Abby Vegas

Heat Rating: Mild I loved the cover on this and after reading the blurb I thought mafia romance and a modern Beauty and the Beast retelling! Yay! You'll never catch me watching 'The Godfather' or 'The Sopranos' but for some reason I do love my Mafia romance series - I know I'm quirky like that. … Continue reading Clean Break by Abby Vegas

Holding (Moving the Chains #5) by Kata Čuić

Heat Rating: 🔥 Hot I gotta admit I kinda loved this book - It was a witty slow burn contemporary sports romance that hit all the right notes along the way. It started out with an air of a mystery - seemingly disjointed story developments with as yet-to-be revealed contextual cues - but when you're … Continue reading Holding (Moving the Chains #5) by Kata Čuić

Just because… It’s Mother’s Day

What are you reading this Mother's day? Undecided? Check out what's on:  Our Kindle Mother's Day Reading List. All titles are ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐ Up! Shattered Diamonds by Ann Omasta A Small-town Contemporary Single Dad/Nanny Suspense Romance. His wife has been missing for nearly a year... and the accusing looks tear him apart. Can Alex … Continue reading Just because… It’s Mother’s Day