Just because… Scribd!

I’ve been using Scribd for a while now – It’s like Netflix for readers and it has made life without being able to run to the bookstore so much easier.

It was a weird experience at first because I’ve always loved my paperbacks and swore I’d never get into eBooks (even gave away my kindle because I barely used it)

But I really love this service! It feels like having library access on my phone (we don’t have that here yet but hurray for you if you do!) – since your basic monthly membership entitles you to read a lot of content – so much even my readaholic self hasn’t gotten bored.

And these aren’t your classics – there is tons of new modern contemporary content. A few of the books I’ve reviewed were only because I found them on my Scribd – like the Avery Flynn ‘Hartigans’ series.

If you are an Emma Chase fan – ‘Tangled’ (and others) is on there as well, but I’ll be reviewing it soon along with another streaming service that I’ve fallen in love with as a romance reader, since it was opted for a movie earlier this year!

If people ask me to recommend an online reader/service I always suggest Scribd because the experience has been great.

So if you are on the lookout for more to read and want to check out eBooks, well – I invite you to get hooked on Scribd!

Click below to use my link to sign up and you’ll get 60 days free.


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