Storytime Episode 1 – Chala Centauri

New original space fantasy adventure set against the backdrop of a dystopian alien world. Chapter One The Numbered Days of Chala Chala has been lost to the Berg since they invaded our world 200 years ago.My people have never known peace but for generations we have simply become a society built on the machinery … Continue reading Storytime Episode 1 – Chala Centauri


New Watty – Ripple Effects

I think you'd like my fanfiction Short Story on Wattpad Arrowverse AU X-Over Short StoryA look at the brave new world where Oliver Queen never became the Arrow and Barry Allen never became the Flash...Enter - Rip Hunter looking for two untapped heroes to help make right a world on the brink of going very … Continue reading New Watty – Ripple Effects

My New Watty – The Butterfly 🦋 Girl Effect

In honor of my baby niece and her last teen birthday, I was inspired to start a new story - a teen sci-fi fantasy romance: When Carter Casteel first sees his Butterfly Girl, he becomes enthralled... When he meets her he becomes awed... His Butterfly Girl... His obsession... will lead him into a web of … Continue reading My New Watty – The Butterfly 🦋 Girl Effect

My Latest Wattpad Titles

Fate takes a hand in the life of Dr. Katharine Thorne as it draws her into the mystery of the Axis Stone; a relic of unknown origins and untold power. The Hand of Fate also returns to her arms - long-lost friend and love, Hale Michaels. But Hale has secrets of his own... secrets entrenched … Continue reading My Latest Wattpad Titles

I’m Now Writing on Wattpad!

I've always wanted to be a writer, to share the worlds that live in my head with the world that I live within but I've been afraid to truly put myself out there for a long time - but I've decided that life is too short a d I've chosen Wattpad to be my sharing … Continue reading I’m Now Writing on Wattpad!