The Dark in You Series by Suzanne Wright

Heat Rating: πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Flaming

Dark, Steamy & Delicious Pen & Ink Dessert! Kick-Ass Strong-Willed Female Characters who are not your average damsels in distress just waiting around to be saved and their Alpha Hot Bad-Ass Male Counterparts – cunning, loyal, and fierce heroes who protect what’s theirs and will definitely be getting their hands bloody while doing it. The plots were excitingly well-developed, the plot twists and villain reveals were well-executed and just plain cool. Definitely the kind of series that leaves you wanting more.Spoilers ahead **

Spoilers ahead

    So, for the awards (a.k.a. – The part where I dish on the hotties) -Most Sexy Alpha: Knox (the guy is hot as hell – literally, does everything in designer suits and well… psychic hands – really the lack of this in reality bites!!! )Most Sexy Heroine: Raini (I just have one of those feelings and as the resident fashionista – The girl has to have some serious style)Best Couple: Harper and Knox (anchors and mates?! It’s the ultimate relationship whammy – although I may just review this once we get the full story on Raini and Maddox)Coolest Heroine: Jolene (the woman brought down a skyscraper single handed and can irritate the Devil)Coolest Hero: Levi (the man who never sits and comes through when Knox can’t even manage! Plus he is Knox’s bodyguard – that has to take you to a whole different level of Bad-Ass)Best Kid: Ok this one was a tie!  Or at least we need a female and a male category because Heidi!!! And Asher!!!Adorable, Mischievous and Cunning!Most Laughs: Khloe (her entire schtick with Keenan and the pictures and the monster …… Although Tanner and his sniffing ways were up there!

All in All – This was definitely a series I would recommend if you are into preternatural fantasy adult romance.I’m at 4 πŸ‘ and counting (because it’s not over yet.) So pick it up today and Enjoy! I totally did!Books in Series Order: 1. Burn, 2. Blaze, 3. Ashes, 4. Embers, 5. Shadows, 6. Omens


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