Late Love (Saint Street #3) by Scarlett Hopper

Heat Rating: Extremely Mild

Unconventional and Romantic – this London centred contemporary romance series delivers you a dose of British stiff upper lip but not at all in a stodgy fashion.
In the course of the series, Lottie and her friends Stana and Em find themselves attracted to not just the music but the men of Saint Street – Ali, Reeve and Owen – three rocker bandmates who play a regular side gig at the hangout.
In its final instalment, Late Love, our female MC Lottie is the quintessential British working girl but with her own unique sense of style and a take-no-prisoners personality.
Owen meets Lottie through his friendship with Stana and Em when she returns to London from Edinburgh on the heels of heartbreak.
He is intrigued by the sexy chemist fashionista who likes to wear combat boots and attitude. Definitely the kind of guy to know a good thing when he sees it, Owen makes a play for her but gets shut down as our Lottie is still reeling emotionally from the damage done to her self image from her ex’s long time cheating.
Things may have worked out for the two in short order maybe too many drinks one night and one thing would have led to another but this is not the love story you’d expect, love won’t be happening in a flash.

Spoilers ahead (click on >Details to reveal)

    Lottie finds herself unexpectedly pregnant and the cheating ex wants nothing to do with his baby-to-be.
    In steps good guy Owen raised by a single Mum himself who steps up for Lottie instead and so Owen and Lottie’s love story takes a turn down unconventional roads – it becomes  stuck in the friend zone at least in Lottie’s mind.
    Lottie manages to keep her baby a secret from everyone but Owen for six months before an accident pushes Owen to reveal her secret to their circle of friends.
    Then the entire cast of British friends joins the baby train along with Lottie’s parents and Owen’s awesome Mum, Evie.
    With help from her girls and guys Lottie gets ready for baby and before we know it 9 months are done and baby Rosie joins the ensemble.
    Little Rosie soon has everyone wrapped in her tiny fingers especially Owen as he takes on the role of the man in her life and with a little blatant manipulation is able to get Mama Lottie to give him his much awaited chance.
    Lottie takes the risk but is still riddled  with self doubts and it makes her path to happily ever after anything but smooth as she tries to keep her heart protected even as she can’t help giving it away to the amazing man who’s been hers from the start.
    But Owen stays true to the course and steadily plows through her defenses until their love prevails and he can finally claim the woman and little girl who are his life.

This book struck a chord with me as Lottie and her stubbornness and strength and self-confidence issues reminded me of a friend who escaped with her kids from a marriage with her own cheating ex and though she has yet to find her Owen (at least as far as she acknowledges) – He is definitely the type of solid decent caring guy that I would wish for her.
This was a really beautiful love story that was more true to life than I ever expected.

Have a read for yourself and Enjoy!



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